Reid to Stab Obama in the Back?

From DW Ulsterman and his Republican DC Insider comes this interesting information:

Well that didn’t take long! Senator Harry Reid is considering an option to delay a slew of Obama appointments, including that of newly chosen Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It is a delay that would infuriate the Obama White House and further decimate the relationship between the administration and Senator Reid.

From Politico:

Reid’s dilemma: side with Republicans or Obama?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has signaled he’s open to making a deal with Republicans to clear a finite list of President Barack Obama’s languishing nominees, but the idea sets up a potential conflict with fellow Democrats and the White House who want to ram through as many as possible now before they hand over their majority.

…The nominee fight could create more conflict between Reid and the White House, after a difficult and divisive election season that saw darts fly between Senate Democrats and the administration over political strategy.

From DC Whispers:

Rumors are that after the White House meeting McConnell’s office touched base with Reid’s office regarding the pending AG hearing. We want that pushed back to January after the new Congress is seated. I have to wonder if Reid is willing to play that card against the president. You won’t hear much about it but up here that would be an epic move that would send a clear signal to the White House that they are done.

Such a move by Harry Reid would be akin to utilizing a nuclear option regarding the relationship between himself and the White House. It would be a level of contentious disregard between two powerful members of the same political party rarely seen even in a place as contentious as Washington D.C.

Today’s Politico article regarding the poison pond that is Harry Reid and Barack Obama is the second such article to quickly confirm earlier D.C. Whispers Reports. It was this blog that made the following headline: D.C. Whispers: Democrat and Republican Leaders Say Jarrett Must Go

This was then followed up by a later Politico headline: “FIRE VALERIE JARRETT”

We are still a ways off from Reid actually pulling an all out assault upon the Obama nominations awaiting Senate approval. Senator Reid is a party guy, and so likely that is where his loyalty will ultimately reside. It’s a matter of him determining if it will help or hurt his party in the longer term to side with the Obama/Jarrett White House or the Republicans.

The fact Reid is making such a consideration speaks volumes though regarding just how much he now despises Barack Obama and the president’s cohorts.

All is not well in Democrat land.

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