Cooking Up Politics

You may have seen that Memphian Logan Guleff has earned a spot on the cooking show Master Chef Junior. At 11 years old he was deemed proficient enough to compete with other youngsters from around the U.S. It’s quite an accomplishment and Memphians can be proud he represents us.

The young cooks are judged by chefs Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. On last night’s episode they were tasked with making a citrus cream pie. Normally politics doesn’t enter into pie making, except that politicians like to get a piece of the pie for themselves and their constituents.

But when young Logan came forth with his twisted lime and raspberry pie, Elliot looked at it and had some reservations on its appearance. Logan shot back that it didn’t matter so much how it looked, but how it taste. That spin led Elliot to ask Logan what his parents do. “Sales?” he asked. No. “Politics?” Logan answered, “Dad’s in politics.” The audience laughed.

Then Bastianich came up to taste the pie. “So Dad’s in politics?” he asked. “Is he a Democrat or a Republican?” Logan admitted his dad is a Republican. Bastianich went on to ask if Logan was fiscally conservative. “I don’t know,” he laughed.

His dad certainly is a Republican, having run for our 9th district Congressional spot.

Logan made it through this competition and is in the final ten. But it’s not his first brush with politics. He managed to make it to the finals in the Jif peanut butter contest and won a trip to the White House.

We’ll have to see how he does with the rest of the contest, but it’s not surprising that someone with a Republican ethos of hard work is doing well.

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