Many Questions About O’s Order

Last night’s Constitution destroying Barack Obama executive order might have made some people feel good, but we really don’t know much about it. It leaves a lot of questions open. I’m afraid these are questions he doesn’t want asked and doesn’t have an answer to, nor will the press make any queries.

First, why should we believe a thing he says? Lies spring from Obama with the frequency of gushers at Yellowstone Park. He told us he wouldn’t take executive action, but did. He told us if we like our doctor we can keep him. He said insurance premiums wouldn’t go up. He said the IRS scandal didn’t have a smidgen of corruption. He told us he would protect the Constitution. The list goes on and on. Promises here mean nothing, too.

How will the states and cities pay for these out of the shadows people? There are the “little” matters of school costs, medical costs and the price it will cost to set up avenues for them to get green cards and drivers licenses. Memphis has enough problems educating our own citizens. Add in thousands more and what do we do? I have a feeling Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer will have to fork over more dough. I can already hear the cries for property tax increases.

Who says these new people will really pay their back income taxes? Does he imagine they’ll come forward and rush to pay it on their word? Remember, they got here by breaking the law.

And what criminals will be deported? Won’t that smack of racism? Will border agents be able to do that? Didn’t illegal aliens break the law in the first place by coming here?

What about voting? If they get drivers licenses, won’t they now have an ID to show at the polls? How will registrars know they are citizens? This looks to me like a grand scheme to take states like Texas, Arizona, Florida and Louisiana and turn them blue, not by ideology but by demographics. And remember how during the last election Obama wasn’t too concerned about the voter ID issue? That surprised a lot of civil rights leaders, but your answer may be here.

What about ISIS? Excuse me I should say ISIL because only the administration refers to these people by that name; the rest of us don’t. Won’t they come pouring over the border?

What about the sick kids who have flocked here and spread disease among American youth? This will wallop us with medical bills, the need for more doctors and the harm it does to children. Is the ebola scare over? Hardly.

What about the jobs that will be taken from minorities now, primarily blacks? A black crew cuts our yard and others in the neighborhood. I will keep them, but others will switch to Hispanics undercutting their prices. Ditto in other jobs many are already doing. Black youth unemployment has never been higher and this will only exacerbate it.

Of course all this is secondary to the huge power grab the president has done for himself. If it’s not challenged, he’ll do more. Why can’t he decide we should pay reparations? Why not take away property? Where are the boundaries?

Don’t tell me Bush and everyone else did it. When Bush was trying in his second term to overhaul Social Security, maybe he should have done it by executive order. Don’t protest that it’s illegal. Lawyers manage to get around all this and many judges approve.

I think Republicans ought to cut our leadership some slack. It will take time for them to come up with a strategy of attack. In the lame duck session it is particularly difficult.

Democrat Congressmen and senators ought to think about this too. What Obama is doing is taking their jobs away. Why do we send anyone to DC if the president can trump their votes? They are on much shakier ground than they think.

Last night was contemptible in many ways. Scary thing is, though, that we are going to get more.

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