Looks Like Someone’s Running for Mayor

I got this email in my inbox today. It’s from Council man Jim Strickland.

From the contents, it looks to me like he’s getting ready to challenge Mayor Wharton. Certainly crime is something Wharton hasn’t diminished, nor has he made much of a dent in our money problems.

Dear Fellow Memphians:

Your Memphis City Council voted on a couple of significant issues last week in an effort to reduce crime in our city.

The Council’s budget committee approved a resolution I proposed to fund another class of police recruits. It costs approximately $3 million to fund a new class of police recruits. The money needed to train the new recruits will come from $2 million left over from previous class, which was smaller than anticipated, plus another $1 million that the City’s Administration expects to find within the Police Department’s current budget. The Council and the Administration will work together and get this done.

Recently I learned that the tax collections on alcohol sales within the City were $1.5 million higher than anticipated. I recommended – and the Budget Committee approved — that this $1.5 million should be used to help fund the testing of rape kits. As you may know, the gap in funding the testing of the backlog of kits was $3.2 million. This recommendation should go a long way toward closing that funding gap.

Both of these measures will be presented to the full City Council for a vote on December 2, 2014.

If you want to share your thoughts with the Council on these issues, please email each Council member. All Council email addresses can be found on the City’s website at http://www.cityofmemphis.org/Government/CityCouncil.aspx.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Jim Strickland

I certainly hope he will run and I suspect he’d get a lot of support from Republicans.

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