Obama “Isolated, Insolent, Inebriated”?

A very interesting analysis from DW Ulsterman and DC Whispers regarding the state of Obama now.

For some time now there have been various reports suggesting Barack Obama to be, even by typical U.S. presidential standards, an aloof character with seemingly few friends and even less personal interest in things and events outside of himself. Now entering his next to last year as President of the United States, rumors are circulating via Capitol Hill sources of a man lost in his own manufactured past who is desperate to be free of a White House he loathes, and an America he despises even more.

Apparently the day to day White House staff are seeing less and less of Barack Obama. When in Washington D.C., the president rarely goes beyond his private residence study, even including fewer of his beloved golf outings.

Day to day operations are channeled through Jarrett’s office, and it is that longstanding rule that has Congressional Democrats seething. Jarrett often ignores requests to speak with her – even if such a request comes from figures like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. One Democrat who was recently deemed worthy of the Senior White House Adviser’s attention was Senator Chuck Schumer who recently declared during a public speech that Obamacare was a mistake for the party, in essence a problem that should not have taken up so much of the party’s time in 2009 and 2010.

Both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett were in mutual fits of rage over the senator’s words, and repeated calls to Schumer that he make a hasty retraction.

Schumer has to date, apparently ignored the request, and refuses to speak directly to Jarrett but has indicated he’d be willing to meet with the president. Other whispers are putting Schumer as the new Democratic leader of the Senate by 2016 – a promise made to him months earlier and then repeated more recently by figures close to the Clinton Machine.

While the anti-Obamacare message from Schumer still has Jarrett reportedly plotting revenge, the president himself has withdrawn even further into the protective bubble that so often is a White House under siege, coming out only briefly to give words to the Jarrett manufactured script that had former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel being shown the door. The Hagel dismissal was yet another White House decision that had senators from both parties angry at the White House, with Harry Reid apparently suggesting the White House should not expect a simple confirmation for the president’s next choice to replace Hagel.

Last week Barack Obama was described by a Capitol Hill staffer who communicates regularly with individuals linked to the White House as an “isolated, insolent and inebriated” figure who recently had difficulty even reading from a teleprompted script and was required to do several takes before coming up with a performance that did not make his compromised condition so obvious.

This same Capitol Hill source suggested it may not be just the friction between the White House and Senate Democrats that has the president in such an emotional downward spiral – there are yet more rumors the White House is preparing for a potential public relations disaster looming in early 2015 that even has the normally haughty Jarrett office “hoping to survive.”

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