Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Yes, that phrase from Forrest Gump actually came up in today’s congressional hearing with Obamacare spinmeister Jonathan Gruber today.

Darrell Issa (R-Ca), House Oversight committee chair, mentioned that he had attended the Kennedy Center Awards in which Tom Hanks was honored. He said it made him think of the movie Forrest Gump in which Hanks starred and asked Gruber if he was stupid.

Of course, Gruber made stupid his favorite word when referencing the American voter. Gruber told Issa “no” and then Issa asked the MIT professor if that institution employed stupid people. Again Gruber acknowledged that they do not. He implied then that a great character flaw than stupidity was active in Mr. Gruber.

Issa then slammed Gruber and all the Obama lies concerning the price of insurance going down, keeping your own doctor, the number of applicants, etc.

Throughout it all Gruber looked pained and winced as the hits came down.

He took them from Democrat Elijah Cummings as well who slammed him for his stupid comment. However, Cummings went on to praise the Affordable Care Act then slapped Gruber again by saying Obama could have accomplished much more if Congress hadn’t wasted time debating it and Gruber hadn’t complicated it with his remarks.

Cummings also worked in the Romney angle as often as he could. That is, that Gruber helped coordinate Romneycare in Massachusetts, so what’s all the turmoil about?

Other Republicans scored some hits with Gruber, but Cummings shielded him. He teed up what seemed like an act of contrition on Gruber’s part. It was rehearsed and recited with all the practice of a person feeding off the bottom of Capitol Hill for a long time.

In fact, that feeding may be Gruber’s ultimate problem. He was reluctant to disclose how much he made off of his counsel. That is bound to cause him heartburn.

Maybe he should have listened to Forrest’s mom when she advised that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get inside.”

Gruber may have thought he snagged the candy, but he could end up with a big bag of whoopass instead.

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