Admirable Move

With so many journalists ready to do anything to land the big story, get the scoop and advance themselves, it’s shocking when one of them decides to chuck it in favor of his or her family.

Molly Henneberg of Fox News is one of the unselfish ones. Ginni Thomas reports in the Daily Caller:

Fox News Channel’s Molly Henneberg’s toddler is one lucky little girl. Why? Because after 13 happy years with Fox, on October 11, 2014, the talented Henneberg did something no one really does in this high profile journalistic environment. She quit one of the best reporting gigs to give more of her life, heart and time to her daughter.

Henneberg is a prominent example of the consequential challenges working parents face. Feeling those natural tugs of dual responsibilities between her fulfilling work and the needs of her child, she chose, with a supportive husband, to “leave something she loves for something she loves more.” Since October 11, she says, her “life has fallen into a better balance.” She says she knows her child better and it has filled a part of her heart. She is careful to not judge if other parents do not take this path; she just is convinced this is what she needed to do.

Having covered the White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, and the Pentagon, as well as major breaking news stories such as Hurricane Katrina, the Virginia Tech shootings, and the Gosnell case in Philadelphia, Molly describes her intense workplace demands in this video interview. She savors the memories, her colleagues and her job.

Mentioning the prestigious Washington landmarks, Molly calls these places “sacred.” These places “may be my workplace, but it’s something special, something sacred and something that a lot of people have fought for — these institutions and our country, they have fought for, over the better part of 300 years. And to me, I feel that. I feel the history of it. I feel the sacrifice of it. And I feel the sacred duty to do my best work there because it’s important to the United States.”

“I think in journalism there are a lot of sad people,” Molly notes, while emphasizing how her faith helps her with her own life. She discusses with passion, specificity and clarity how she calls on Christ throughout each day and with her family.

We haven’t seen the last of Molly Henneberg though, as even Fox can’t seem to let go of her as they have graciously offered to make her a freelance reporter, which thrills her and those of us who appreciate her impressive life choices.

With the recent suicide of Fox’s Dominic DiNatale, it’s good that someone made a better choice for life instead of his sad outcome.

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