Weiner Seeks Chairmanship

Arnold Weiner
Arnold Weiner

Arnold Weiner, a candidate to replace Justin Joy as leader of the Shelby GOP, visited our Midtown Republican Club meeting last night to ask for our support.

Weiner says he is the candidate with both leadership and vision.

He explained by touting his 17 years on the GOP steering committee, his post as second vice chair and “I am most proud of being president of the East Shelby Republican Club. We gave $5,000 to the party last year and spent $5,000 on newspaper ads to get the word out. In the past four years we’ve given $20,000.

“In addition, I’ve helped recruit candidates,” he said. Weiner’s work in organizing and promoting the East Shelby Club’s Master Meal is also testament to his abilities.

“Sundquist said East Shelby is the best club in the country,” Weiner adds. “It’s not just luck, but hard work.”

Weiner then went on to explain his vision.

“No. 1. I want to recruit candidates three years ahead of time instead of two days before. Then we want to go out and help them.

“Second I want to send emails to expand our base. Then I want to get the state party to work on getting and bringing Democrats who share our values, along with women, blacks and Asians into the party or voting for our candidates.”

Weiner has his sites on Midtown, too, and retaking what was once a Republican part of town.

So far, Weiner faces two other opponents. The county convention is slated for the end of March and more details will follow.

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