What’s Going on Here?

From White House Dossier blog comes this stunner about Obama’s failure to attend the Paris anti terrorism rally:

Nor did (White House Spokesman Josh) Earnest indicate how the White House came to the conclusion that Vice President Biden, whose security requirements are far less than the president’s, couldn’t attend. Is Biden’s security really much greater than that used by someone like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or German Chancellor Merkel, both of whom were at the march?

While he said he thought Obama would have liked to attend, Earnest gave no indication about whether the president ordered anyone to run the traps and find out whether it was possible.

Obama spent the day at home at the White House. Earnest said he had no idea what Obama was doing. Biden was at home in Delaware. No one knows what he was doing either or whether he asked to go to Paris.

Want to bet Obama was watching football with his buddies? Maybe they should ask the chef. I bet there were food needs to go along with that party.

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