Strickland’s In

City Council member Jim Strickland has officially declared he’s running for mayor. He must feel some wind at his back to take the leap.

Strickland has spoken to our Midtown Republican Club twice, even though he is a Democrat. He shares our ideas on fiscal responsibility and has been one who has sounded the alarm on the danger of higher property taxes and debt.

I think he truly cares about the city and its inhabitants. On two occasions I contacted him concerning problems in the neighborhood. He not only saw to it that they were resolved, but he also followed up to make sure things were fixed. This is a good sign in a mayoral candidate. If he cares about reaching out to a lowly constituent, he will care about the bigger problems, too.

In the absence of a viable Republican candidate, he will certainly get my vote.

You can follow him on facebook at JimStrickland2015.

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