CA Wrong Again

Just a few hours before Mitt Romney announced he would not run for president again, the Commercial Appeal had an editorial all but saying that he would.

“‘Real’Romney to star in third White House bid” proclaimed the headline. Guess they knew something Romney didn’t know. Rather than wait for the announcement they plunged right in, said he would run and embarrassed themselves.

They even purported to know his strategy and themes. The editorial goes so far as to say that “this time Romney plans to talk openly about his faith… Also, and this may be unfair to Romney (but we’ll go ahead anyhow), his new strategy sounds like the political adage, ‘When all else fails, try authenticity.’

“If the 2008 and 2012 campaigns weren’t the real Mitt, who is he?…His dismissal of 47 percent of the public as basically moochers has stuck with him and will make his new themes of attacking poverty and lifting the middle class a hard sell.” Of course the CA couldn’t resist talking about his “mansion with private outdoor spa off the master bedroom in an upscale Salt Lake City suburb, while retaining their lakefront compound in New Hampshire and their beach house, the one with the car elevator, outside San Diego.”

They won’t bring up Hillary’s many mansions, Soros’ billions, Tom Steyer who lost $100 million trying to get Democrats elected in November, Bill Gates or countless other Democrats and criticize their wealth. Somehow that’s different.

Romney even gets slammed in the editorial for a comparison someone else made of “Romney to Moses, who, after a long journey, parted the Red Sea…He might want to drop that analogy because Moses himself never reached the promised land.”

Maybe Hillary won’t either, eh?

Don’t worry, though. CA staffers won’t consider they have egg on their faces. They’re too busy writing the next editorial against the next GOP frontrunner.

It will be interesting if that person is Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, home of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal which has bought the CA. That newspaper appears more conservative than our liberal rag. The editorial writers might then have to ask themselves “who is the real me, the 2012 me or the 2015 me?” If they want to reach the retirement promised land, they may have to have a conversion. Watch that space.

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