Interesting Goings on in DC

An email from Brent Leatherwood of the state party provides some interesting points that might have gone under the radar this week.

He notes that Tennessee senators and congressmen are taking the lead in the most important issues to Tennesseans. Also, he shares some data. The most shocking is that our country amasses $3.4 billion in debt daily since Obama has been president.

In particular:

Senator Lamar Alexander is taking the lead fighting federal control over education with new legislation.

The Washington Times recently wrote that the senator’s plan “shields states from Common Core or other national education standards.”
The Tennessean’s David Plazas wrote Saturday that the senator’s plan would not allow “the federal government to dictate” that Tennessee adopt Common Core.
The Maryville Daily Times wrote Sunday that the senator’s plan will make sure “states and local school boards will decide academic standards.”

Senator Bob Corker is leading the effort to give Congress the ability to review any potential nuclear deal President Obama makes with Iran.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 would require the president to submit to Congress any agreement reached with Iran within five days, along with a plan to verify Iran’s compliance, certify that it meets America’s standards for nuclear non-proliferation, and ensure that it won’t harm U.S. national security.
“The strongest signal we can send to the U.S. negotiators is having a veto-proof majority in support of Congress weighing in on any final nuclear deal with Iran,” Corker said.
The Obama White House has threatened to veto the bill. Corker responded.

In a Breitbart op-ed, Cong. Diane Black writes, “Washington must not ignore religious persecution overseas.”

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn has sponsored legislation with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to repeal the individual mandate of ObamaCare and allow Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines.

Congressman Scott DesJarlais expects a future Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare subsidies consistent with a theory he originally proposed in Congress.
As for our opponents

The Washington Post said Hillary Clinton had the “Worst Week in Washington.” A week after we learned her foundation accepted donation from foreign countries, we learned she used a private email account and server, in possible violation of the federal records act. Here’s what else we learned this week:

1) Clinton never set up an official government email account, using only her personal account.
2) Clinton housed government emails on a secret server at her New York home.
3) Clinton thwarted records requests by using her own server.
4) Her emails were vulnerable to foreign hackers, according to security experts.
5) Clinton’s State Department fired an ambassador for using private email, just like Clinton did.
6) Hillary Clinton won’t answer questions herself about her questionable actions.

Before the email scandal, Team Clinton was on defense over the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations while Hillary was Secretary of State. First, they claimed, “The Clinton Foundation is a philanthropy, period.” But its activities, which include employing political aides, donor maintenance, and financing the family’s private jet travel, dovetail nicely with their political and personal interests. Second, Clinton’s spokesman claimed that there are no examples of unethical behavior. In reality, their ethics agreement with the administration was riddled with loopholes and offers limited transparency, and the foundation has admitted to the Washington Post that it violated that very ethics agreement. Third, Team Clinton claimed there has been no evidence of any conflict of interest. Yet according to the Wall Street Journal, “At least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her tenure donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation.” That is the definition of a conflict of interest.

Editorial boards across the country have weighed in, expressing their disgust for Hillary’s behavior. But what about her fellow Democrats? Even though the media demand all Republicans weigh in when a Republican faces even the slightest hint of scandal, top Democrats have remained silent.

Why are Democrats silent? What do the president and vice president think? Do Democratic Senators approve of her behavior? What about the chairwoman of the Democratic Party? Is she standing by the presumptive nominee 100%? Is former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley ready challenge Hillary for the nomination? Will he make this an issue? What about Senator Bernie Sanders? What about Vice President Biden? What about Senator Elizabeth Warren?

There’s Unease On The Clinton-Obama Iran Policy As Netanyahu Addresses Congress
This week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to Congress about the threat from Iran. There remains bipartisan skepticism over the Obama-Clinton strategy on Iran. Just this week, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Iran’s cooperation with investigations was slow. While Democrats in the Senate are lining up to support a bill requiring Congressional approval of a deal with Iran, Obama plans to veto such a bill. Now AIPAC has broken with the administration over the Iran deal.

This week the Obama administration tried to turn the Israeli Prime Minister’s address to Congress in a partisan event. Meanwhile, there’s growing bipartisan support for oversight of the administration’s negotiations with Iran. Once again the wisdom of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy is in question as the president turns his back on an ally and negotiates with an enemy.

As for the economy

While Friday’s jobs report showed nonfarm payroll jobs increased by 295,000 in February, it also revealed that the labor force participation rate decreased to 62.8 percent because 178,000 Americans left the labor force altogether. Focusing only on the 5.5% unemployment rate obscures the fact that the percentage of Americans in the workforce hasn’t been this low since the 1970s.

As Chairman Priebus said, “It’s good to see some Americans going back to work, but this report makes it plainly clear that there are far too many Americans who are still looking for jobs. There’s still work to be done to grow the economy. In fact, we learned recently that the economy slowed down in the fourth quarter of 2014, even more than expected. It’s a shame that President Obama and his party stand in the way of job-creating projects like the Keystone Pipeline. When he vetoed that bill, he also vetoed good jobs.”

The Unemployment Rate Decreased From 5.7 To 5.5 Percent In February. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 2/6/15)
In February, Labor Force Participation Rate Decreased From 62.9 To 62.8 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 3/6/15)
The Real Unemployment Rate, Including Those That Are Working Part-Time Due To Economic Reasons, Decreased From 11.3 To 11.0 Percent In February. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 3/6/15)
17.5 Million Americans Are Unemployed, Underemployed Or Have Given Up Looking For Work.(Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 3/6/15)
In February, The African American Unemployment Rate Increased From 10.3 To 10.4 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 3/6/15)

Here are some statistics to share:

$50.3 Trillion: Total federal spending proposed by Obama’s FY2016 budget through FY2025
$7.5 Trillion: The amount added to the national debt since Obama took office.
$3.4 Billion: The average amount of debt added daily since Obama took office.
$26.3 Trillion: Expected national debt in 2025 under Obama’s 2015 budget proposal.
$924.3 Billion: Total taxes in ObamaCare

Latest Polls

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33 Percent: Ameerican voters who approve of Obama’s vetoing of the Keystone XL Pipeline (Fox News, 3/4)
48 Percent: Americans who have no confidence in Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS (NBC News, 2/13)
41 Percent: Americans who approve of health care law (Fox News, 2/12)
73 percent: American voters say Obama doesn’t have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS (Fox News, 2/11)
42 Percent: American voters who approve of Obama’s handling of threat of terrorism (Fox News, 2/11)
39 Percent: Americans who approve of Obama’s foreign policy (Fox News, 2/11)

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