Funky Michelle Cavorts With Ellen

What is it with the Obamas? Most people would have enough adulation just being in the White House.

Not these two. They have to get on TV talk shows that used to be (and should be) beneath the dignity of the leader of the free world. They crave the limelight and the applause as well as the power. How else can you explain GloZelle? Most normal Americans would be embarrassed to dip that low. Obama wasn’t and last night POTUS went on Jimmy Kimmel to hold court. Michelle appeared on Ellen Degeneres in a segment that airs Monday to share her hipness. They gave us a glimpse of them dancing to “Uptown Funk.” Take a look, but it spoils the song forever.

Ellen’s a much better dancer than Michelle. And that outfit? Not becoming. For her it could be called “Uptown Chunk” because she’s not as slim as she wants you to be But the comments on it were glowing with appreciation for her. Unbelievable.

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