Bibi’s Big Win

Haven’t we seen this story before? Polls show it neck and neck, but in the end the winner is clear. The loser refuses to concede, even though it’s obvious he’s been defeated. Pundits warn against a clear, conservative message, advising a moderate campaign, but the conservative one wins handily. The liberals scour for votes and bus in low information voters. America has seen this story and now it’s played out again with Netanyahu in Israel.

Here’s what the pundit D.W. Ulsterman said on facebook:

FYI on the Bibi election. He actually gained MORE votes than the last two elections and thus can further consolidate his party’s power in Israel. An overwhelming rejection of the Obama-Jarrett attempt to remove Netanyahu from power. There is something to be learned from how Bibi won – he kept to his conservative principles and stayed the course despite direct interference from Obama operatives and came out the clear winner. We haven’t had a Republican candidate do that on a national election scale since Ronald Reagan in 80′ and 84′. Hopefully some of today’s would-be candidates are learning from this very recent history. CONSERVATISM WINS.

I hope candidates such as Scott Walker and Marco Rubio are watching.

And a big defeat for Obama. The White House dossier blog weighs in:

The result, if it stands, would be a grave disappointment to President Obama, whose former campaign aides are in Israel right now trying to arrange a victory for Netanyahu’s alliance of opponents. A Netanyahu loss would pull the rug out from under opponents of Obama’s emerging deal with Iran, suggesting that even Israel was opposed to a tougher approach to the ayatollahs…
This went from being a likely loss for Netanyahu to an affirmation of his policies. And a rejection by Israelis of Obama’s appeasement of Iran and ultimately, the acceptance of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Divine intervention? Wouldn’t be ruling it out.

This will make things more difficult for President Obama. Israel is gravely threatened by a nuclear Iran, which Obama’s deal would probably guarantee. With the Israelis solidly against what Obama is doing, it will strengthen the hand of those in this country who are pushing back against the emerging agreement.

They even dragged out the old Hope and Change playbook, but this time it didn’t work.

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