More Scandal to Come?

From DC Whispers comes this intriguing bit of information:

Is the private server/missing email scandal actually a distraction from a much larger and far more damaging legal issue that would not only topple Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run but also link the Clinton Foundation swamp to the Organizing for Action political monstrosity, and thus, the Obama White House?
Apparently some in the know think just that…

Here’s a brief outline of several D.C. whispers received on what could be a particularly damaging and far-reaching scandal implicating both the Clinton and Obama political machines:

**The Clinton email scandal was NOT initiated by Valerie Jarrett as it has the very real potential of implicating the Obama White House as well.

**The issue of Mrs. Clinton’s private server and potentially missing emails was discovered and then pushed from within the Select Committee on Benghazi by staff linked to a Democratic member of that same committee. This example is part of a greater fracture among House Democrats who fear a significant backlash on a national scale later this year. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has managed so far to intimidate opponents from going public, but cracks are apparently working against that ongoing effort.

**Trey Gowdy and others are currently stunned at the implications of what they have, and are continuing, to discover. These implications include both a former and current president of the United States, and one who would like to be president – namely each of their respective political action/foundation operations. There have been accusations moving between the Republican and Democratic offices of members on this committee regarding alleged leaks to those friendly to both the Clintons and the Obama White House.

**”Pay to play” is the repeated phrase by certain Congressional staffers regarding the impending Clinton scandal with a few mentions of it potentially being linked to Organizing for Action as well.

**While certainly concerned for its own well-being, the Obama White House has given assurances to at least two powerful DNC donors that it will be for the most part, insulated from the scandal. It has apparently made no such assurance to those donors regarding the Clintons.

**One of the two donors held a meeting via third party representatives with prospective 2016 presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. O’Malley’s agent is said to have refused to give a definitive answer regarding whether or not the former Maryland governor would challenge Mrs. Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

**Clinton operatives are said to be actively working to prepare a full on assault of O’Malley’s record and reputation if needed – a “nuclear option” file.

**The challenge to the Obama sponsored replacement of Eric Holder as Attorney General is alleged to have been manufactured largely by Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett operatives have informed trusted Congressional staffers the White House has concerns regarding Loretta Lynch’s willingness to remain loyal. This suspicion apparently originates from Lynch’s long ties to the Clintons. Jarrett is leveraging Lynch’s race and gender to use against Republicans, charging them with racism/war on women, while at the same time giving the White House time to further “consolidate” the nominee’s allegiance to them, and not the Clintons. If this “consolidation” does not take place, Lynch’s nomination will be dropped but not because Republicans made it happen, but rather Valerie Jarrett did.

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