Jindal Charms Memphians

Shelby County Republicans gathered Friday night at the Racquet Club to hear Louisiana Governor (and presidential hopeful) Bobby Jindal.

Gov. Jindal was extraordinarily gracious to all who came over to meet him, stopping to have pictures taken with them and spending time speaking to them. He appeared slighter than he does on TV, but his easygoing personality drew people to him.

He was accompanied by his wife, also a slender and attractive person, and by Tennessee GOP Chairman Chris Devaney.

Devaney first took the stage and applauded the efforts of the Shelby GOP with our sweeping success in last year’s elections. Then former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn spoke. He first acknowledge his wife of 64 (!) years and then told an odd story about Republicans wanting to bury Barry Goldwater after the 1964 election. Hmm. Congressman Stephen Fincher then introduced Gov. Jindal after remarking on the importance of the 2016 election to unravel Obama’s failures and overreach.

Then Gov. Jindal stepped up to the microphone. His speech wasn’t long, but it was, as my friend Mrs. Naveen Mamidipalli astutely said, “captivating.”

Jindal spoke of his own parents’ arrival from India 40 years ago. “There wasn’t google then, so there was no way for my father to have any idea what Baton Rouge, Louisiana, would be like.” His mother was pregnant with Bobby and they had to find out for themselves about cultural adjustments.

“Dad didn’t have money to pay for my birth,” Jindal said. “He and the hospital administrator just shook hands and worked it out. I joked later that I might have been repossessed if they didn’t pay for the birth.” He noted they didn’t have to use Obamacare.

His dad didn’t have a job either, but impressed a boss and was hired. “He told them he had no car and no way to get to the job, so the boss offered to pick him up. His dad loved his home in India, but the dream was to become an American.

That same dream propels Jindal and is why he feels so strongly about conservative principles.

He said he signed the letter penned by Senator Tom Cotton concerning Obama’s dealings with Iran. “I’d sign it again,” he said. Jindal, too, views Iran with mounting concern. He also worries about China overtaking us.

However, he believes America’s best days are not behind us. “I feel in my bones that our best days are ahead of us. That’s why I want to see to it that my three children grow up in the America I know.”

Jindal may not be as well known a candidate as Jeb Bush at this point, but he touched all the hearts of the people present with his eloquence and wit.

And he knows his message.

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