Flight to Disaster

The pilot who purposefully plunged his plane into the Alps, killing at least 145 people, captures our attention because of the heinous quality of the crime, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

What’s even more disturbing is the metaphor it is for the global situation and our nation. You can’t help but be struck by the parallels. Two pilots navigate the “ship of state” if you will. One leaves his post; the other takes over and decides to go kamikaze. The pilot who returns cannot fix it. It’s too late. The passengers realize this to their horror. It’s too late for them, too.

Obama is that pilot. It’s impossible to believe that he wants to guide our nation and land us safely to the end of his term. By his actions it looks like he wants the U.S. to crash. Our economy has never recovered fully under him. He doesn’t want that. He wants a permanent dependent class. He has worsened the problems in the Middle East. Iraq is in turmoil, as is Afghanistan. Yemen is lost. Libya and Syria in civil wars. Israel is abandoned. Saudi Arabia feels threatened as Iran expands. We’re about to strike a deal empowering Iran to nuclear energy. It’s all been under his deliberate watch.

In the U.S. race relations are about the worst since the 60s. No one has faith in the law or justice. The traditional family is falling apart. Schools can’t get the job done. Religious freedom is threatened. Health care is more expensive and harder to find doctors. Obama has accelerated all of this.

Why does Obama want to do all this? We don’t know. We don’t know why the pilot wanted to off everyone either. Maybe it’s just evil and it’s prompter, spite.

Congress keeps knocking on the door to get in and govern, too, but they haven’t been able to strike down the presidential veto. Some of us “passengers” get what’s going on. We’ve been screaming about it, but few take notice. The majority of our fellow countrymen don’t realize what’s about to happen to them. They won’t realize until the last few desperate moments.

It feels like their eight minute plunge has begun since the midterms as Obama’s last two years sputter. Maybe some will be able to pick up the pieces in 2017. It’s our only hope.

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