Smart Meters Meeting Discourages Public

If you think the issue of smart meters has subsided for a while, well it hasn’t. MLGW is still trying to push these through. The sum of $240 million is being bandied about to cover the cost of them. The attended yesterday’s meeting and here’s what she wrote:

So MLGW had a Board Meeting today. Several items were on the agenda but I was particularly interested in this….

Resolution awarding Contract No. 11776, Smart Meter Solution Full Deployment, to Elster Solutions, LLC, in the funded amount of $240,000,000.00, for work to be done over a period of approximately five years.

This is the largest MLGW project in MLGW history and if you think smart meters are going to save you money, you might want to check with some others cities around the country who are watching their bills rise after being told smart meters are the greatest things since sliced bread. Save you money? Yeah…right after they raise your bills to pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars they had to borrow to do the project.

Also read this on the agenda…apparently, to get your questions asked, you have to submit them in writing. …
The board and staff will not answer questions that are asked in this forum but written questions or a written statement may be provided to the Board Secretary for entry into the official record. If any Board member receives approval of the Board Chairman, that Board Member may address questions to the person providing the public statement.

And, as for this board meeting being a “public” meeting? That depends on what you mean by public…

If by “public” you mean not able to be in the same room that meeting is being held and only being able to enter the room when it is your turn to speak. The room has a capacity of 99 and I counted about 65 so it wasn’t at capacity. When I tried to walk by the room which had a kind of decorative pavilion right next to it and glass windows which you could see the meeting going on, I was told I could not be there.

So…we have a publicly owned utility holding a board meeting where the “public” is supposed to have access and be able to observe the proceedings and I …Joe Public can’t even walk by the glass windows which would allow the “public” to see the meeting as it’s going on but still wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Wouldn’t want MLGW to have to deal with the serfs now would we?

I questioned when I had the chance why I couldn’t watch the discussion and debate on the largest and most expensive project in MLGW history. I also noted that looking out over the audience there, I wondered how many of them were the “public…I waited a moment to see if anyone would raise their hand. Not a single one…so I’m assuming they were ALL MGLW employees.

So much for “public”…One of the board members informed me that the public could watch these proceedings online. Great, except for those in the “public” who don’t have internet access.

MLGW is a publicly owned utility. Their mottos is “Working for you” …I guess you means MLGW themselves…ratepayers not so much…

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