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Ryan Haynes, our new Tennessee Republican Party chairman, sends along these items of interest for the week:

Lt. Gov. Ramsey Reviews This Session’s Successes

“It matters who budgets,” he writes. “Before our Republican majority, when a budget deficit appeared legislators would look first toward raising taxes to fill the gap. That’s just not how we think in the General Assembly these days.

“When revenue is down, we tighten our belts. When revenue is up, we put away money for a rainy day and return the excess to the taxpayer. We understand that every dollar we spend comes from the back pocket of a hard-working Tennessean with a family. That’s the mindset at the root of Tennessee’s fiscal responsibility.”

Tennessee Specific Education Standards

The Washington Post writes, Senator Lamar “Alexander’s bill seems to do just that and delivers a big win for those who opposed Common Core because it served as the federal government’s nose under the tent of state-led education.”

Congressman Roe Discusses ObamaCare Replacement

The most conservative members of Congress are putting the final touches on a new ObamaCare replacement plan, which they plan to release just before a key Supreme Court ruling on the healthcare law.

Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), an RSC member involved in discussions, added that this year’s plan will add a focus on anti-trust legislation as well as “a big transparency part for consumers

Economy Barely Grew In First Quarter

In the first three months of 2015, the economy expanded by a rate of only 0.2%. Economists had expected growth of at least 1%. This is a slowdown. As the Wall Street Journal notes, the economy advanced at a 2.2% pace in the fourth quarter and 5% in the third.” The Journal also notes that “businesses slashed investment, exports tumbled and consumers showed signs of caution, marking a return to the uneven growth that has been a hallmark of the nearly six-year economic expansion.”

Obama By The Numbers

$50.3 Trillion: Total federal spending proposed by Obama’s FY2016 budget through FY2025
$7.5 Trillion: The amount added to the national debt since Obama took office.
$3.3 Billion: The average amount of debt added daily since Obama took office.
$26.3 Trillion: Expected national debt in 2025 under Obama’s 2015 budget proposal.
$861.3 Billion: Total taxes in ObamaCare

Latest Polls

44 Percent: Americans who approve of the job Obama is doing as President (Reuters, 5/1)
54 Percent: Americans who say Hillary Clinton isn’t honest or trustworthy (Quinnipiac, 4/23)
71 Percent: Americans who think the pending deal with Iran will not stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon (WSJ, 3/9)
33 Percent: American voters who approve of Obama’s vetoing of the Keystone XL Pipeline (Fox News, 3/4)
48 Percent: Americans who have no confidence in Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS (NBC News, 2/13)
41 Percent: Americans who approve of health care law (Fox News, 2/12)
73 percent: American voters say Obama doesn’t have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS (Fox News, 2/11)
42 Percent: American voters who approve of Obama’s handling of threat of terrorism (Fox News, 2/11)
39 Percent: Americans who approve of Obama’s foreign policy (Fox News, 2/11)
45 Percent: Americans who disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy (Fox News, 2/11)
65 Percent: Americans believe Obama should sign the Keystone legislation, 22 percent believe Obama should veto (1/14)
48 Percent: Americans who oppose Obama taking executive action on immigration (NBC/WSJ, 11/19)
36 Percent: Americans who approve of Obama’s handling of immigration (Fox News, 12/10)
58 Percent: Americans who would vote to repeal ObamaCare (Fox News, 12/10)
35 Percent: Americans who approve of Obama’s handling of threats by ISIS (ABC, 10/12)
35 Percent: Americans who approve of Obama’s handling of the implementation of Obamacare (ABC,10/12)

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