Something’s Plaguing Hillary’s Campaign

Remember when Hillary Clinton took a fall and was in the hospital? It was rumored at the time that she might have had a stroke.

Of course, the media does everything it can to help Democrat candidates and this has not been brought up again since she declared her fight for the nomination.

But maybe, as this article suggested, it is one of the reasons she has been so absent for interviews and her appearances are so managed as to help her through the event.

From DC Whispers:

During much of 2014 there were consistent rumors that Hillary Clinton’s health might prevent her from running for the presidency in 2016. She had fallen and injured herself more than once in recent years, was absent from public for long stretches of time, but then re-emerged most recently to declare her intention to seek the Democratic Party nomination.

Despite that announcement, rumors persist from Inside the Beltway that Mrs. Clinton’s health is of far greater concern to the campaign than is widely realized, and that some in the media already know but are purposely keeping the secret hidden from the public.

The specific nature of the 67-year old Mrs. Clinton’s health issues remain speculative, though most whispers suggest it is hampering the former Secretary of State’s neurological abilities. She is said to continue struggling with occasional dizzy spells and at times, near debilitating fatigue as well as bouts of especially poor eyesight.

Her days apparently include a rather large regimen of medications to alleviate her symptoms and keep her focused. At times, that focus still suffers greatly, glimpses of which have already been spotted despite a Clinton campaign that remains highly guarded. To date, nearly every statement she has uttered in public has been prepackaged, as can be seen in a public forum in Iowa just two weeks earlier which shows her repeatedly looking down at her notes while speaking.

It has also been indicated Mrs. Clinton often wears a small ear piece (said to normally be placed in her right ear) that allows an aide placed off camera to assist her in answering even the most basic of questions if it appears she is getting mentally fatigued which apparently happens often due either to her medications, her overall health issues, or possibly both.

Concern over Hillary Clinton’s ability to perform during a long and arduous campaign are such that a number of the largest political donors have made personal inquiries into the former First Lady’s condition. To date it appears the response to these concerns from campaign staffers is that all is well and the campaign will proceed as planned.

For that matter, Bill isn’t looking so good either.

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