Cohen Always Classy

Our state representative sure has a gift for offending.

Consider his latest tweet:

“Atlanta airport! .Where is Sherman when we need him ?”

Should we take that as a racial insult, since so many in Atlanta and their government are black? Would he like to burn them down? Would he like to don a klan robe?

Was he thinking at all when he got carried away on twitter? No more than usual, I suppose.

It didn’t reverberate well with his twitter followers. Here are some of their responses:

Understand ur sentiment – wd be humorous from most commentators, I suppose – but fairly inappropriate from a Member of Congress.

Could you be any more of a blithering jackass? I would like to slap each and every person that voted for you on principal alone.

Maybe with his “daughter”?

Dude, too soon.

A true southerner would never tweet that sentiment. Burning the south was a disgrace and un-American. Not funny!

What does that actually mean??

Congrats on writing a great house tweet!

Maybe that last one was from a relative.

If you look at his tweets, most of them are hyper critical of Republicans. Like this one after the recent Amtrak tragedy:

Our #transportation infrastructure is decaying,but GOP voted to slash #Amtrak budget just hrs after #AmtrakDerailment

It’s a knee jerk reaction with Democrats. Never solve a problem; just funnel more money into more failures.

Of course, Cohen will always speak up for baby deaths:

Politicians aren’t health experts shouldn’t get in between women&their docs. ICYMI I defended #womensrights #abortion

And he likes to mudsling Republicans any chance he gets:

Chris Christie’s fresh humiliation: The new scandal that could finally put the kibosh on his presidential hopes

I have to agree with the second comment on his Atlanta twitter. Why do we keep electing this jack ass?

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