Fairgrounds Opposition Mounts

The Fairgrounds project proposed by the Wharton people is continuing to gain opponents. This comes from the Nextdoor Neighbor blog:

Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd are the dates for Community Input on the Future of the Fairgrounds meetings, hosted by the city. There are two meetings each night being held simultaneously.
The June 1st meetings are to be held at the Bert Ferguson Community Center in Cordova and Airways Professional Building at Airways & Winchester. June 2nd at the Cunningham Community Center in Raleigh and the Kroc Center here in midtown at the fairgrounds.
For those of you unfamiliar with the city’s plan for the fairgrounds, in a nutshelll it is this. Tear down the Mid South Coliseum and replace it with a new $33 million multi-purpose facility. Construct retail shopping space where the Fairview gymnasium is now located and build a new gym, create soccer and baseball fields and try to lure regional and national amateur sporting events to the area. The city is applying to Nashville for the creation of a TDZ zone, which will allocate part of our local sales tax to pay for the $176 million project. The 30-year debt service on this project is actually more than the cost of the project itself, $183 million, so the city wants to spend $359 million of our money at the fairgrounds and you need to be involved in this process.
Many of us who have studied the 108-page proposal think it is overreaching, overpriced and duplicates facilities already operated by Penny Hardaway basketball, Mike Rose Soccer complex and Gameday Baseball. Please attend one of these meetings if you are interested to what happens to your tax dollars and our neighborhood.

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