Obama a Sore Loser

And he didn’t like it one bit, according to DC Whispers:

It is legislation that has made strange bedfellows out of the Obama White House and Republican party leaders who both want to see the president given unprecedented fast-track powers for what is now being called “Obamatrade.” Fearing he doesn’t have the votes, the president has made a rare appearance inside the halls of Congress itself, and is said to be promising large sums of campaign cash to those willing to support the legislation…

Stranger still, the president is said to have made this offer TO REPUBLICANS as well as Democrat lawmakers.

Let that one sink in.

A sitting Democrat president who has berated Republicans for over six years since moving into the White House is now promising 2016 campaign funds to some of those very same Republicans so that they will vote in favor of the fast-track trade treaty legislation.

This same wheeling and dealing comes soon after Republican Congressman Paul Ryan channeled Nancy Pelosi when he declared voters would have to wait until the agreement was passed before getting to see what was in it.

Stranger still is that Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have come out AGAINST the bill that Barack Obama and some Republicans seem so desperate to pass! It is a situation that has D.C. operatives scratching their collective skulls.

“The president is blatantly playing both sides. He is hedging his bets with Democrats and kissing ass with enough Republicans in the hopes of saving the bill. Funny thing is, Democrats are the ones who are complaining the most about him. Some are saying they’ve been insulted by the president’s methods. Right now I’d put passage of the bill at no better than 50%. It’s going to be very-very close. The president left this morning in a very foul mood. Apparently he personally made threats against some legislators and they didn’t like it one bit.”

UPDATE: Media reports now breaking that the fast-track legislation has failed to pass the House of Representatives, thus putting the entire TPP trade bill into jeopardy. These same reports indicate the strongest opposition to the legislation is coming from Democrats as well as confirming some very testy moments between the president and Democratic members of Congress.

Now if only the Supreme Court can give Obamacare a death sentence…

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