More Obama Bad Behavior

DC Whispers has more on the trade deal gone bad for Obama. Evidently his arrogance and insulting manner turned off everybody:

Appalling, abusive, and arrogant are just three of the descriptions that emerged from President Obama’s morning meetings with both Democrat and Republican members of Congress today as he tried in vain to accumulate the needed support for what is being called the “Obamatrade” legislation.

Apparently those meetings did not go well for the president, who lashed out at members of Congress and then left visibly upset over how few were willing to support him.

Today Congress was greeted with the many faces of Barack Obama, and apparently none of them were particularly positive or respectful and that has whispers spreading throughout Washington D.C. regarding just how poorly the meetings went between members of both political parties and the President of the United States.

“The president was said to be very defensive within minutes of his arrival. He snapped at staff, verbally bullied members of Congress, and finally left openly angry and frustrated. There were lawmakers who in turn felt the president’s abusive and arrogant behavior was appalling. They’ve seen him act out before, but not like this. He was every bit the “spoiled little brat.”

The contentious environment was apparently not simply between Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats either, but in fact involved certain influential members of the Democratic Caucus telling Nancy Pelosi if she did not stand up to the president on the trade bill, her time as Minority Leader was over. Pelosi must have taken her own members at their word as she was among those who then told Barack Obama he didn’t have the votes. The president pushed back, Pelosi refused to budge, and the president then got up and walked out, “tight lipped and ready to leave.”

“He despises Congress. He despises the Supreme Court. He despises anyone or anything that doesn’t go along with every demand he has for his own agenda.”

UPDATE: Fox News confirmed much of this earlier D.C. Whispers report. Panelists on Special Report indicated the rift between Pelosi and members of her own House caucus who forced the Minority Leader to reverse her initial support for the Obamatrade bill. This resulted in what was described as a “striking” image of President Obama walking into the halls of Congress with Pelosi at his side and then Pelosi telling the president in a closed door meeting he didn’t have the votes – including her own!

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