Jarrett Deal Looks Bad

From DC Whispers comes this little reported issue with Obama’s “consigliere” Valerie Jarrett:

She is regarded by many as the primary power broker within the Obama White House, a woman who instills both fear and respect among even the top-tier D.C. political players. This past week it was discovered Valerie Jarrett is also one who took a particularly keen interest in avoiding paying more taxes on a cash-cow, $160 million dollar Chicago real estate deal that reportedly closed in 2013 – a deal the Mainstream Media has dutifully neglected to inform the general public about.

The above graphic is an accurate representation of Valerie Jarrett’s initial investment of $266,000 that soon after awarded her a million dollars in profit involving a multi-million dollar Chicago high-rise development. She then applied the very tax law loophole the Obama administration had publicly denounced as unfair to save herself $200,000 on those profits.

Even more troubling is the role Valerie Jarrett personally played in defeating a proposal to eliminate the “carried interest” loophole. That proposal was lobbied against by large development firms who claimed it would hurt the real estate market. While the Obama White House publicly claimed it favored eliminating the carried interest tax loophole, Valerie Jarrett, as the White House’s “business community liaison” was meeting privately with these same real estate developers regarding the proposed change to the tax law. During this time, Jarrett continued to speak out publicly in support of eliminating the loophole, but then the proposal was tabled with little explanation from the Obama administration as to why.

Not long after that, Valerie Jarrett found herself the recipient of a real estate investment that had more than TRIPLED in value and she then was the benefactor of saving some $200,000 in taxes due to the very same carried interest tax loophole she had publicly denounced.

The conflict of interest in having Valerie Jarrett represent the White House during closed door negotiations with the real estate industry regarding closing a tax loophole that later saved her hundreds of thousand of dollars is clear. It is a conflict of interest that would require a swift investigation by the Justice Department for anyone else other than Valerie Jarrett despite what appears to have been an egregious violation of federal law.

It would appear Mrs. Jarrett met numerous times with wealthy real estate developers while hanging the threat of removing a tax loophole that saved those developers millions of dollars every year. Soon after, she had a personal real estate investment that did remarkably well and lo and behold, the proposed change to the tax loophole suddenly disappeared.

To date, no such investigation has been forthcoming. The media has all but ignored the story.

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