Megyn Kelly Spirals Down

From what I saw of her show last night, Megyn Kelly has brushed off any criticisms of her awful debate performance. She had a focus group (haven’t we had enough of these hand picked talking people?) discuss the debate and she encouraged more Donald Trump bashing.

I don’t believe she gave any apology or acknowledgement that she went too far in her role. I didn’t stick with the whole show as I found her demeanor arrogant and the focus group pointless.

But if you look on her facebook page, she is getting hammered. Here are a few comments. They are not cherry picked either.

Megan bought and paid for by the establishment. So disappointed

Shaun Mcguire Lov your show–But you were not fair or appropriate last night–

Diane Sroka Benjamin Fox had a chance to educate the public last night. Instead you played gotcha politics. MSNBC could have done better. Huge audience and you blew it.

Mike Webb I’m really disappointed in you and Fox.

Greg Peyton Megyn Kelly, YOU’RE FIRED….

Camille Norton My family has enjoyed watching the Kelly File, and we were excited that you were hosting the debates. We were all so disappointed in your disrespectful questions which were clearly intended to denigrate the candidates.

Joshua Galle Megyn, here is what I sent your executives this morning at 2:15am following the debates, and then sent as open letter all over social media. I’ve tracked 7,500+ likes or shares this far and google analytics show you took a bashing from your prior followers and fans. Watch your ratings plummet until you apologize to Trump, Carson and Cruz. You ma’am are an unfortunate disgrace and fell for the same cheap blathering we expect and anticipate from the likes of Candy Crowley and CNN.

Dear Fox News Executives

As a regular And loyal Fox News viewer and previous subscriber I am ashamed and offended that Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly held a clear and blatant bias against a couple of the debate participants. Chiefly Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz.

It’s a toss up on if Chris or Kelly can be directly compared to CNN’s Candace Crowley from the last presidential election debates, regardless both were overly despicable and cannot believe they haven’t issued apologies to Trump, Carson or Cruz.

Stop bringing up non election related issues, stop drumming up the lefts “war on women propaganda”. Stop with the garbage moderation and cheap personal below the belt jabs.

I used to really appreciate and respect Megyn, not anymore and won’t regularly watch her show or follow and support her social efforts either. She is a mean spirited lady who is trying to poise her self and got wrapped up in the typical blather that you can expect on CNN. It’s truly a shame for herself, for Fox and for Republicans.

Chris Wallace was clearly biased as well and his performance was less that acceptable.

If I owned Fox, I would fire both by email or text yet this morning like right now at 2:15am, and at 6am issue live and social apologies to Trump, Carson and Cruz immediately and run apology clips all day tomorrow.

Did a quick google search using Analytics and roughly 25million Fox viewers are Unhappy with Megyn and Chris and now Fox for allowing this behavior.

Get your act together or lose your entire follow base…

Signed a Marine Combat Veteran and concerned conservative looking for a fair and conservative media outlet in MSM.

Jack Schnitz Last night was Megyn Kelly’s audition for MSNBC.

Rodney White Last night was not supposed to be the Megyn Kelly show. You and Wallace should be ashamed by your performance and unfairness with tabloid questions for Trump. You just lost a loyal viewer to your show with your unprofessional behavior.

Mary Walker Still haven’t outgrown that high school mean girl phase, huh? You ruined what could have been an epic debate last night.

Rick Germain You really bought into the whole Democrat “War on Women” falsehood, Megyn Kelly. Took you for smarter than that. Sad and disappointed.

Shana Doty Disappointed in your performance last night. Totally disappointed. I guess EVER ONE does have an agenda

Cindy Horton megyn…don’t get too big for your britches….

For-Don J Trump Unfair, inappropriate and unprofessional, that was you last night Megyn Kelly.

Jay Sullivan I am assuming FOX News is in bed with the GOP Establishment ..Yall were pretty good at hiding it until last night..Disappointed in FOX for being Republican instead of representing the Conservative movement..

Faye Wall You owe your viewers an apology for your performance last night Kelly ! What a shame .

Kendall Smith you looked good but you went after DT too hard backlash will be brutal on both you and him! I thought you were more fair and balanced than that!

Jack Ricci Too bad you reminded me of The View with your questions and attitude last night. After watching you every night for years, now I am done.

Jeff Navarro You disappointed me last night. Unexceptable behavior.

M Daniel Lewis Our nation is pushing 20 trillion in debt, Iran is getting nukes, ISIS is chopping off Americans heads and burning people alive in cages, our government is paying an agency to chop up and sell the body parts of aborted babies and YOU are asking a candidate to address an imaginary war on women issue created by the Democratic Party? Shame on you kelly

Randy Bowen Megyn Kelly, I lost all respect for you last night.

Charles Franco Fox and you were the losers last night Megyn, not Trump.

James Eberle After last nights questions by Megyn Kelly on the debates, I have decided to Unfriend her on FaceBook.
No class Megyn, NO CLASS!

Mike Bigg Johnston Wow . You baited Trump and the. Complain about the outcome ? You made yourself look like a CNN anchor . As a Republican I am so disappointed

Fran Jasmine Very disappointed…

Shauna Baldy 9 out of 10 Americans now dislike Megyn Kelly. {the other 1 still loves obama}….. Well done Fox, well done Megyn, your attempts to hurt Trump backfired, and now more than ever, Americans are on his side. “Oopsie” on your part!!!! Shame on you.

Cheryl Simpson There were more important questions than his ancient tiff with Rosie…

Spot on, perceptive and well said!

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