Trashing Forrest

Last night we took our dog for a walk in Health Sciences Park where the statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest is. It’s really quite a nice park – shady with walkways away from Union, Madison and the other busy streets that enclose it.

Today’s CA has a front page story on the Local section reporting that the Forrest statue was defaced in a weekend spray paint incident. We did not see that; however, one side of the base appeared wet. A few minutes later a young black man rushed past us. He had a glass bottle containing some kind of yellow liquid. He told us, “I just want to let you know that I am not drinking beer in the park. I use this to deface the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest.” And then he ran on.

There were just a few other people in the park and nothing seemed to be brewing. Although the statue is there, there isn’t anything to suggest the park is a pro Confederate headquarters. In fact, another dominant sign acknowledges the death in World War II of Forrest’s grandson.

Additionally, there’s a sign warning citizens not to bring firearms into the park. It states that doing so is a felony that could land you jail time and a fine of at least $2,500. I’m not sure if that sign is accurate; didn’t the legislature pass a law allowing citizens to bring a gun in a park? I have queried Senator Brian Kelsey about this.

In looking at the sign honoring Forrest’s service to his nation in WWII, it occurred to me that in that era Americans of all backgrounds were pulling together to defeat a common enemy. People didn’t have time to worry about a statue in a park.

In today’s politically correct environment, we don’t see the trees for the Forrest. Our enemy is militant Islam that wants to break and destroy us. President Obama prefers us not to see that because we would come together. Obviously he doesn’t want that. He likes sewing discord among the races.

Wasn’t that one of the things the Civil War attempted to end?

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