Cruz Wows Crowd

It was a packed crowd that waited for Ted Cruz to appear yesterday at the Agricenter.

He had scheduled a visit to Memphis for 2:30. His bus pulled up and half an hour later he got out to a group of enthusiastic Memphians. Cruz later said he had expected 150 people. So many responded to the invitation by the Shelby GOP that it was moved to a bigger venue at the Agricenter. Many had to stand because all the seats were quickly taken.

“Did you see the event in Cleveland?” he asked when he got to the podium. “It was an amazing array of talent on that stage. We are blessed to have so many young, inspired people to lead the Republican party. What a contrast with the Democrats!” Cruz observed that the Democrats were yet to have a debate.

“The first (Democrat) debate, I suppose, will be between Hillary and the Chipotle clerk,” Cruz quipped. “The Democrats keep moving their debate. They had planned one, but the problem was it was emailed to Hillary,” he chuckled. Cruz said he would anticipate a Democrat debate “with someone who is bad for American and a Socialist – and Bernie Sanders,” he said with a laugh.

Then Cruz got serious. “We are here because America’s in crisis. Our Constitutional rights are under assault from the federal government like never before. America has ceded leadership in the world, too. But help is on the way! I look forward to 2017. Like the Carter years we can await a Ronald Reagan and retake our rights,” he said, drawing parallels between the Carter and Obama years.

Cruz then went on to describe what his first day in office in January 2017 would look like.

“First, I would rescind every illegal executive order Obama has made. Obama has a phone and a pen. Well, I say, live by the pen, die by the pen and my pen has an eraser!”

The second thing Cruz would do is “I would instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood and to prosecute any violations by them. I would bring back integrity to the DOJ.”

Third, “I would instruct the DOJ and the IRS and every agency that the persecution of religious liberty would end today,” Cruz said. He singled out the Little Sister of the Poor by example. “Obama is litigating them for millions of fines in Obamacare. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: If you’re investigating against nuns, you’ve probably done something wrong! I would invite them to the White House to tell their story.”

Fourth, “I would rip to shred the catastrophic Iranian deal. The single greatest threat to us is a nuclear Iran. Here’s a simple principle: Truth is not rhetoric. I would also move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

“With me, if I tell you I will do something, I will do exactly what I said.”

Tomorrow: Cruz describes his future plans for the Department of Education, the VA and our military.

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