Kelsey Responds to Gun Query

A little while back, after a walk in what they now refer to as Health Sciences Park (formerly Forrest Park), I saw a sign prohibiting guns. It even mentioned that to have a firearm in the park was a felony and a fine of at least $2,500 would be put on anyone caught with one.

Well, that seemed against the state law our legislature passed this spring. I wrote State Senator Brian Kelsey to enquire about this. Here’s his response:

Thank you for your email regarding guns in parks. Senate Bill 1171 was signed by the governor on 4/24/15 and became public chapter 250 on 4/30/15. This bill allows permit holders to carry handguns in parks and other public recreation areas unless the property is in use by a school for an athletic event or other school-related activity. I can have my office look into the sign at the park and follow back up with you soon.

I have asked his office to check it out. If the law is the law, why is this sign there?

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