Stunning News on Trump

From DC Whispers comes this article that touts Donald Trump would get 25% of the black vote against Hillary Clinton.
The RNC best not ignore his popularity.

The 25% number alone is staggering given it represents a more than 100% increase for any Republican candidate in the last 10 presidential elections. That is an unprecedented improvement and runs counter to nearly every political media pundit be they liberal or conservative who declared Donald Trump was hurting the “Republican brand” with minority voters.

Those pundits are being prove wrong yet again.

The latest Trump numbers come from most recent and highly respected SurveyUSA poll.

By comparison, Mitt Romney received just 6% of the Black vote. This number was down from 11% received by George W. Bush in 2004 – a number Republicans were at the time reasonably satisfied with.

To have a prospective Republican candidate in 2015 polling at 25% among Black voters is an astounding improvement, but the good news for Team Trump doesn’t end there – and the media best prepare to eat another heaping portion of crow as well.

Presently, Donald Trump is seeing a nearly 5% INCREASE in Hispanic voter support as well when compared to 2012 despite nearly 24/7 media attempts to declare Hispanics would never vote for Donald Trump. As of now, nearly a third of Hispanics are indicating support for the New York billionaire – and that number, according to some internal polling by campaigns competing against Mr. Trump, is improving for the outspoken Trump. If the current Hispanic voter trend continues, Donald Trump might very well see Hispanic support approach 40% by next summer.

If Trump somehow manages to continue to succeed in fighting off the anti-Trump campaign that is at this very moment forming against him via millions of dollars in establishment money, there is but one word that adequately describes what could happen in his favor come November, 2016: LANDSLIDE.

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