Mary Katharine Hamm, a Fox News contributor and conservative, lost her husband in a motorcycle accident yesterday. She is pregnant with their second child, so it is especially devastating.

Her husband, Jake Brewer, was a liberal working in the Obama administration. DC Whispers reports

By all accounts, thirty-four year old Jacob Brewer was an intelligent and dynamic member of the Obama White House. Brewer’s official title was senior policy adviser in the Office of Science and Technology. He also served previously as Director of External Affairs for, a left-leaning online petition organization. Brewer’s specialty was primarily focused on computer data technologies. He was also married to Fox News contributor, Mary Katharine Hamm. The two were parents to one child with another one on the way.

A Washington Post story on Mr. Brewer’s death indicated the computer programming expert had just recently returned from what he described to a friend as a presidential retreat at Camp David.

Initial reports of the accident indicated Brewer, (who was a very experienced cyclist) suddenly lost control and crossed a double center line on a “sharp curved” road in Howard County, Maryland. Brewer was then fatally struck by an oncoming vehicle in the other lane.

At the time of his death, Mr. Brewer appears to have been involved in helping supervise an extensive updating of technology throughout the administration including the White House and the Department of Defense, an effort that would have likely given him access to all data within the Obama government.

Does anyone think that something bad was afoot? Given that the news media fails to report facts, it makes it believable. And nothing done by the Obama White House would be surprising, would it?

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