Is the Pope a Catholic?

Many of us wonder just what Pope Francis is. He’s an illogical mix of philosophies: soft on socialism and morals; hard on climate change and capitalism.

As a practicing Roman Catholic, I feel I can weigh in on his visit. That is, what I watch of it. Already this morning the promised non political meeting of Barack Obama and Francis got right to climate change, refugees and immigration in the first few minutes. Wonder if abortion and gay marriage will also be covered? Nah.

I’m one who believes that Jesus covered the whole politics/social justice thing in his render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar sermon. That and the fact that neither He nor his mother ever protested outside the Roman governor’s house against slavery nor did they take up arms to oust invaders out of their land.

Breitbart has an article that shares why so many of us are uncomfortable around the Pope:

Liberals have waited a good long while for a Pope they could use as a stick to beat conservative Catholics. With Pope Francis, at long last, they have one. So, here are the five reasons politically conservative Catholics fear Francis.

Francis is ruining our shirts: Countless crisp white shirts and red rep ties have been ruined by cups of coffee spit out in shock and annoyance at the latest spontaneous comments of Pope Francis. Besides a change of shirt and tie, here is yet another thing you’re going to have to explain away to your liberal friends today.
Francis hates air-conditioning: Conservative Catholics love air-conditioning. Everyone loves air-conditioning, everyone except the Pope. He says it is causing the end of civilization. He says air-conditioning is ruining the planet. We say, crank it up.
Francis hates capitalism: The Pope actually condemns “unfettered capitalism,” perhaps the strawiest of straw men. Conservatives would ask, “Where do I get some of that?” We certainly know unfettered government, but unfettered capitalism? The Pope does not seem to understand that — in the words of Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute — “[Free market capitalism] is the best anti-poverty measure ever invented.”
Francis buys “climate change”: Perhaps the biggest political scam the world has ever known, “climate change” is little more than a lefty scheme to harm the free market, empower government, and make lefties rich. The Pope says the poor will be hurt the most, but, even if the seas rise, all the best beach-front property is owned by the rich. What about them, Holy Father?
Francis soft-peddles our issues: We were used to Popes having out back. Sure, John Paul II and Benedict XVI held some lefty views on the death penalty and opposition to certain foreign excursions, but they knew the value of the free market, and they were publicly strong on abortion and marriage. This Pope says nice things about those issues, but he also says we shouldn’t obsess about them. Sheesh.

The liberals will crow and this will be a long week.

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