Don’t Shed a Tear for Johnny

It appears that no one is sorry John Boehner is leaving. Even he seems glad, although he did shed a tear or three at his press conference.

Have you ever met a Boehner fan? Neither have I. He’s made himself into a comic figure with his crying, his tan, his smoking and more recently the allegation that he’s a drinker, too. “He is louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle,” Sidney Blumenthal wrote to Clinton in one of her released emails.

True or not, it’s not a good image for our top leader.

When he cried yesterday during the Pope’s visit, it was embarrassing. How could he be tough with Obama when he reacts so floridly? The answer is, he wasn’t.

I hear some suggestions that the RNC was behind the coup. Supposedly they have heard and seen our disastisfaction (a recent poll put it at 62%) with our party. They don’t like these outsiders running for president and maybe getting rid of Boehner would help quell the flyover upstarts.

Maybe. I would like to think they are listening.

Now will we get a Boehner light, minus the tears or somebody willing to take back the power of the House and use it? Don’t know, but it’s bound to be a soap opera from now until the election of the speaker.

Senator Mitch McConnell should be looking over his shoulder, too. It’s time for some action in the Senate; some connection to the base or he’s going to get the axe as well.

It’s always good to have a bit of a shakeup. Perhaps the GOP reps in the House will feel that they aren’t safe either and get going. People are angry and they will feel the brunt of it in 2016.

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