Dear Kevin McCarthy,

Right now it looks like you will be the one who succeeds John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Frankly, I would prefer someone more conservative. Someone like a Trey Gowdy or Daniel Webster. But the pundits tell me this dream is not going to happen.

In that case, here are some pleadings from a flyover country conservative disillusioned, like so many other Republicans, at the way Boehner runs the House.

Do you get how angry we are out here? I know it’s hard to tell since everyone in Washington is only concerned with how everyone else there feels and thinks. Even after we gave you the House and Senate, you still act as impotent as before. There’s too much whining about how you can’t obstruct the president because of his veto power or that he goes over your head and acts via executive orders. All of this may be true, but it never stops the Democrats. Under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, even during the Bush administration, the Democrats succeeded in undercutting him and the Republicans. Then, when Obamacare came along and looked doomed after the election of Scott Brown, plus the public clearly opposed it, you let them win. They didn’t care that they rammed it through. They changed the rules. Why can’t the GOP get tough like they are?

Surely some Republican in DC has a brain that functions better than that. If not, avail yourselves of the brilliant people on our side who work for Heritage or other think tanks. Why not contact Mark Levin and other lawyers on our side? Don’t you want to win? From our seats, sometimes it seems you don’t.

They could help you navigate and sink some of Obama’s executive orders. Do you think Americans want 200,000 Syrian refugees in our midst? Whatever happened to “Congress has the exclusive power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States?” What about our rights to our borders or his global warming plans that he intends to foist on us? Or ceding internet rights to international groups? How far are you going to let him go and take your Constitutionally given powers?

You may not like Donald Trump, but at least he knows how to command an audience and the media. We are all waiting for a Republican in Congress to do something that gets the attention of the nation focused on a problem. Maybe you shouldn’t be so careful with your words, but use a few strong ones when necessary. Take a page from his book – literally. Maybe “The Art of the Deal” could give you a few tips.

Stop framing everything in terms of shutting down the government. There are ways around that. Start thinking.

I heard you tell Brett Baier on Fox’s Special Report that the key to a better run House is to change the culture. Good luck with that. Sounds like a loser to me, full of politispeak and nothing else.

If you continue in the supine fashion you’ve displayed, Republicans will get whacked in 2016. People may not like the Democrats, but at least they fight. As Osama Bin Laden remarked, people will choose a strong horse over a weak one.

So if you do become Speaker, start taking the reins of power back. Work with McConnell, if he is still there. Be dynamic and creative.

The nation is depending on the Republicans to save it. Start now.

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