Huh? O Blames GOP for Syria Mess

The more ridiculous a spin is, perhaps the more likely people are to swallow it?

That must be the rationale between President Obama blaming Republicans for his Mid East mess.

According to DC Whispers:

President Obama is said to be in no mood to hear complaints from any members of Congress regarding the sudden Middle East power grab initiated by Vladimir Putin’s Russia this week. Requests from leading Republicans and Democrats to hold joint national security meetings with top Obama administration officials have gone unanswered by the White House.

“This is on you!”

So goes the refrain from White House staffers making the rounds at the Capitol late this afternoon, apparently repeating the sentiments initially voiced by the President himself regarding Putin’s recently initiated bombing campaign in Syria that has swatted away American influence in that region in favor of direct Russian military intervention.

The comment was said to have left at least one Republican Senator “red faced and livid” regarding the President’s willingness to place blame for the Syrian crisis on Congressional Republicans.

By early evening, phone calls were being made to the White House from top Republican legislators wishing to speak to the president on the issue but not a single one met with any response from President Obama. John Kerry’s office was reportedly more sympathetic to the concerns shared to him by a former Senate colleague but Mr. Kerry himself has noted of late he and the President rarely speak to each other directly.

If the past is once again prologue regarding the Obama White House, look to see media reports begin to do the same as Barack Obama is said to have already done – blame Republicans for the rise of Russian influence in the Middle East.

That media spin set to commence in three…two…one…

As for Vladimir Putin, perhaps his open indifference to Barack Obama both as a man and most certainly as a president, will soon be shared by an increasing number of Americans as well.

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