Don Johnson’s Take

Don Johnson, who served as executive director for the Shelby County GOP from 2003-2011, is a native Memphian who now works as Director of Constituent Services and Community Relations for Governor Haslam in Nashville. He follows elections here and all over the world. He is one of the most knowledgeable persons on those subjects you’ll ever meet.

He shared his thoughts on Thursday’s election on Facebook:

Republicans across the country should pay attention to what happened in Memphis tonight, and what has been happening in Shelby County for the past two decades.

In a city twice carried by Obama with ~80%, every candidate endorsed by Shelby GOP either won or made it to runoff.

MAYOR: GOP-backed candidate Jim Strickland wins in landslide that cuts across racial, geographic, and partisan boundaries.

COUNCIL: No matter what happens in a remaining runoff, 5 Republicans will serve on the next council, an increase of 2.
Former Shelby GOP Chair Kemp Conrad and Reid Hedgepeth re-elected in massive landslides, will be joined by TNGOP Treasurer Frank Colvett, and Philip Spinosa. As I posted before, a runoff between 2 Republicans will make the 5th seat.

COURT CLERK: GOP didn’t actually endorse, but Republican Kay Robilio appears to be headed for victory anyway.

When Republicans present a positive, forward-looking, fiscally conservative message, our ideas can win absolutely anywhere. ‪#‎RedToTheRoots‬

Kudos to Shelby GOP also who foster participation and involvement through our various clubs and activities.

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