10 Takeaways from the Dem Debate

1. The intro by Obama that came right before the debate was weird. He can’t stand being out of the spotlight at all, can he?

2. Sheryl Crowe’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was as tepid and wince inducing as her patriotism. Peewhew!

3. Maybe all the candidates should take a look at their wardrobe. They all came out in black, looking like a mortician convention. What happened to diversity? Where was the rainbow salute to gays? I guess statism doesn’t allow for different views.

4. Bernie Sanders can stop the yelling. I expected him to start chanting, “Hey, Hey, Ho Ho, LBJ has got to go!” Note to Bernie: The 60s have passed.

5. Trump’s tweets were more entertaining than anything the 5 said.

6. Lincoln Chaffee looks like the kind of youth who in the 70s got money from daddy to go to Europe, buy a Eurail pass, sleep in hostels and always carry a backpack.

7. He also looks like an older Steve Doocey.

8. Dems answer to every problem is money. Where it comes from is irrelevant.

9. Bernie Sanders still values his life. His backup of Hillary on the email controversy was all the proof you need.

10. Thank God it wasn’t a three hour debate. Wonder how many in the audience fell asleep anyhow?

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