Biden Out, Now Ryan?

Today Vice President Joe Biden announced he will not be running for the presidency.

Wonder what Hillary and Bill had on him.

Paul Ryan, the other politician deciding on taking a post, has still not resolved his race for the Speakership. However, his hesitancy is beginning to cost him.

Breitbart reports that conservatives are mounting an effort against the candidacy of Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.

They should.

“Paul Ryan is Boehner 2.0, except worse. Boehner didn’t keep his promises, but at least he made them,” ForAmerica chairman Brent Bozell said in a statement.

Yes, he’s been difficult.

First, he has put everyone else on hold while he makes up his mind. Look, if you don’t want it very much, it’s not for you. This was made worse by the week off Columbus Day holiday the House took, drawing it out even more.

Now he’s making demands.

Breitbart says, “Ryan is making no promises to do anything to advance a conservative agenda. He is demanding a Mafioso-style loyalty oath to his moderate agenda. He has promised nothing, nothing at all to advance the conservative cause. No wonder he has an “F” conservative rating. He’s demanding conservatives support him.”

When you’ve earned the support of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, plus immigration activist Luis Gutierrez, as Ryan has, that redlines a candidate as far as many of us are concerned.

Ryan announced to the Republican Conference last night a set of conditions for him to be Speaker. Wow! Does he really want the job?

One of the demands is to stop the procedure known as “motion to vacate the chair,” something we’ve kept since Jefferson’s day. It’s the way Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) got Boehner to resign. Ryan’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, said Ryan “believes there needs to be a change to the process for a motion to vacate the chair.”

Breitbart adds,

ConservativeHQ and ForAmerica are hardly the only conservatives fighting tooth and nail against Ryan. Tea Party Patriots has released a call sheet on its website urging its activists to “STOP PAUL RYAN.” The Tea Party group has released a sheet with Conservative Review rating scores for various House GOP members it says grassroots activists should target with phone calls—along with those members’ office phone numbers—calling for grassroots pressure on them to fight back.

“We’ve got to do what we can today and through the rest of the week to strengthen the resolve of the House Freedom Caucus,” Tea Party Patriots said in the post.

Friday is the day schedule for the vote. Hopefully activists will get busy and derail his effort in favor of someone less egotistical and more conservative.

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