Were the Hearings a Dud?

A lot of conventional wisdom thinks so. Cable stations are consumed with the meme. Hillary looked good, she was impressive, there was no smoking gun at the Benghazi hearings.

But is that true?

Peter Kirsanow at the National Review doesn’t think so. Neither do I.

He writes,

The conventional wisdom is wrong. Clinton was prepared and largely composed, but there were several new things and smoking guns revealed. Not that you’d ever know it from mainstream coverage. And Clinton’s supporters and the mainstream media (the same unbiased reporters who cheered Bernie Sanders’s attempt to drive a stake in her email scandal) will work furiously to make sure these matters are all considered “old news” and that we need to “move on.” See Clinton Scandal Playbook, copyright 1991.
But the fact that State Department personnel in Libya made 600 pleas for more security that went unheeded will continue to bob to the surface throughout the presidential election campaign. Six hundred pleas that went unheeded while the Brits judged the place too dangerous and evacuated. Six hundred pleas at the same time the Red Cross closed up shop and scampered. Six hundred pleas when the country was devolving into a terrorist playpen with scores of bombings and assassinations throughout the immediate vicinity. Six hundred pleas in the lead-up to 9/11, 2012. Not just one plea. Not three. Not even ten, as bad as that would’ve been. Six hundred. And the pleas weren’t merely ignored. The security at the U.S. facility in Benghazi was actually reduced.
Unsurprisingly, Clinton deflects responsibility to others. Again, see Clinton Scandal Playbook, pp. 124–127. Six hundred. That figure is extraordinary. It’s astonishing. It’s despicable. And it will be repeated at least 600 times during the presidential election cycle. As it should be. This administration can move heaven and earth for a Bowe Bergdahl. For Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen Doherty, not so much. Even though we suspect we know the answer, it’s legitimate and essential to repeatedly ask, “Why?” Because mainstream reporters surely won’t.
And Clinton has demonstrated she will continue to lie about the “Why?” — just as she did to the families of the fallen. Just as she did to protect President Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election. Just as she’s doing to protect herself in the run-up to 2016.
Six hundred pleas. How incompetent, indifferent, detached, and/or mendacious must one be to ignore them? What other pleas will she ignore as president? Lots more than 600, I’d wager. And whose pleas? I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good idea.

Not only that, but as more emails are released and more people scrutinized and questioned, her testimony may be used to show she’s lying. Something she said blatantly yesterday may come back to haunt her, especially if there is one honest person at the FBI looking at this.

I watched most of the hearings. Hillary’s posture when interviewed by the Republicans was flagrantly arrogant. She’d hold her head in a cupped hand, as if she was bored beyond belief. I don’t think that was lost on most viewers, and it wasn’t a positive.

I did expect a few more questions concerning President Obama and his role in the Benghazi affair. Such as where was he that night? That’s been a mystery. Where was she? No one pursued that to my knowledge. Perhaps the ties to Obama are something that will come out later.

Also, what happened to the person behind the video? Last I heard he was in jail. Is he still? Does she owe him an apology? Why has no one heard from him?

Was there gun running taking place? Is that why all the attempts at concealment?

Why no help for Stevens? Who prevented any help from reaching him? I wish they had pressed more on the awful imagery of Hillary and Obama lounging at home while the SEALs and the ambassador were fighting for their lives on the rooftop. Why not mention how our ambassador was dragged through the streets? Couldn’t they have had an image of that ready? Some say he was sodomized as well as kicked and hit.

It’s too bad the media is so ready to help Hillary. You’d think a few of them would have a little curiosity or decency, but you’d be wrong.

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