2016 Winner? Model Taps GOP

A computer model from Reuters projects a Republican will win the presidential election next year.

Fox News Insider reports:

Two factors weighed heavily in the model’s conclusion, one of them being dissatisfaction with President Obama.

First, there’s a historical trend of voters not backing the party in power when the incumbent isn’t up for re-election. Reuters said a successor candidate is three times less likely to win.

Second, the model found that a sitting president generally must have an approval rating of 55% for a successor candidate to win, and right now President Obama falls 10 points short of that.

So why trust a computer when we have non-stop polling to tell us who leads the pack?

Because polls are actually pretty inaccurate, according to Reuters, and on average are wrong by 8% compared to the outcome of an election. That’s a wider gap than you often see between candidates in the general election.

Watch the Red Eye gang discuss the report below.

Of course a computer model won’t factor in voter fraud, cheating and corruption.

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