Debate Host a Liberal

D.C. Whispers first tackles the supposed falling numbers of Donald Trump before talking about the debate tonight:

Here is a just-released and related CNN report on Dr. Carson’s challenge to the longstanding Trump dominance of GOP polls. It was a sentence buried at the very end of the story after a large-font headline declaring, “Ben Carson knocks Donald Trump from top spot nationally.” The poll does carry an important caveat, however: 70% of respondents said they had not settled on a choice yet. Trump’s supporters, however, are more locked in with their support.

Donald Trump is not only at or near the top of every current GOP candidate poll, but has among the most loyal base of supporters. Dr. Carson’s current standing (and I say this as a fan of Mr. Carson on a personal level) is far more similar to the “here again gone again” cycles seen during the 2012 Republican primary race that had a series of candidates becoming polling front runners only to then fade quickly into oblivion.

The media, and the Establishment Republican Machine knows this fact well – and they have no intention of actually allowing Ben Carson to win the GOP nomination. See this quote from an earlier D.C. Whispers report:

“Ben Carson is being used as a political wedge against the Trump campaign…The senator’s team (a reference to the Rubio campaign) is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

CNN acknowledged, albeit very quietly, how soft the current support for Ben Carson is in relation to Trump supporters. With that fact in mind, it becomes clear how accurate the above D.C. Whispers information is now proving to be.

The media, in conjunction with Establishment Republicans, are at this very moment utilizing Dr. Carson as a wedge against the Trump campaign. The second phase of this plan, and one interested voters should pay very close attention to, is when Dr. Carson finds his poll numbers suddenly declining while Marco Rubio’s continue to rise as the Rubio campaign succeeds in absorbing the majority of Carson’s previous support.

There is a nationally televised Republican debate tomorrow hosted by CNBC and moderated by far-left ideologue, John Harwood. In recent months Harwood has publicly defended Hillary Clinton, marginalized Donald Trump, and declared Republicans to be the party of the rich and that parents who opposed Barack Obama were stupid and racist.

He is the one the Mainstream Media has chosen to control the content/direction of tomorrow night’s Republican primary debate. Rumors suggest the Jeb Bush campaign sees this as quite possibly their last hurrah to regain some semblance of relevance, while the Rubio campaign is fully on board and with the plan referenced above. The question that remains is if Ben Carson will allow himself to be used by those who certainly don’t have his own best interests in mind, and if Donald Trump will finally do what so many have been saying he would do for so long – collapse under the forces being brought against him and his bid for the White House.

John Harwood has likely been given his marching orders, and will be more than happy to carry them out tomorrow night…

I’ve watched John Harwood before on CNBC and he is biased, no doubt about it. Another questioner, Larry Kudlow, is a Republican and look for him to be fair.

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