Oops! She Did It Again

Megyn Kelly can’t help herself anymore. Her goal must be to alienate Fox viewers. If it is, she’s succeeding. Once a nightly viewer, I no longer waste my time with this narcissistic excuse for a journalist. Watch how she treats the GOP debate demands:

Comments on this were against her. Here’s a sampling:

Megyn, please just move on over to mainstream where you belong.
Kelly Let’s just have a debate similar to that one on CNBC for the Demorats, moderated by Republicans. Liberals would be whining for the next 10 years. I used to like you, Megyn. Now you are just another puppet and bimbo.
Used to look up to this woman. Now i can’t look her in the face without feeling sick
Do NOT like Kelly. She is so full of herself, it gets in the way of her doing her job!
She’s really gotten to be quite obnoxious with her holier than thou superior attitude. Lost me at the Fox debate.
Who cares what Megyn thinks ????

I’m sick of her chit. She lost me as a regular viewer.
The foot message is for pampered prissy like you.

The more I hear Megyn the less I want to hear Megyn. I have lost alot of respect for her and no longer view her newscast.

I think people are forgetting that this is a Presidential Campaign! Not a Circus! The media is making a joke out of the Candidates! This is not funny on any spectrum!!! Give them the chance to be Candidates and let the public decide who they want, not what the media Wants!!! Doesn’t the media care about the future of this country??

Megyn, maybe MSNBC would be a better fit for you.

Fox had better reign her in. At one point her numbers beat O’Reilly’s. I don’t think that’s true anymore and this is why.
Is this what living in New York does to people?

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