Thoughts on the Debate

For days coming up to last night’s debate I avoided a lot of radio and TV news. I do not like people predicting what others will say or deciding who won before the first question has even been asked. That’s one of the bad things about today’s media – speculation in place of facts.

I wasn’t even sure I’d watch all of the debate. Sometimes they are too long and too annoying.

But last night was the best debate so far, due to the classy tone taken by the three Fox Business moderators. I watched it all. Cavuto, Bartiromo and Baker were always respectful, but they didn’t let odd comments pass unqualified. They were well prepared and versed in issues across the board.

The music used when they cut to breaks was awful. It was super dramatic, the kind you get at the Oscars when they are about to announce best picture.

As for the candidates, eight was much better than ten or twelve. Even then some did not get much air time.
Ben Carson seemed lost in the dust. He faded away before our eyes. Jeb fell flat, too. He looked desperate. His attempts to assert himself looked a little pathetic.

Ted Cruz often has a pompous tone and did last night. He made good points, but his timing was off. Sometimes he waited for laughter that didn’t appear and his time ran short waiting for audience response. No doubt he’s a good debater and better when there aren’t time constraints.

Rubio appeared a little too earnest. I don’t like when Rubio and Kasich talk about their poor backgrounds. It’s just too ingratiating to be effective. Kasich got a little too insistent about his time. I didn’t keep a watch on each, but he was certainly aggressive and feisty.

It got bogged down in the end when arguments popped up about the Middle East and taxes. Trump avoided getting into the weeds, which is a smart strategy. People tune out after awhile and his plain, blunt language shows leadership.

Rand Paul had his best debate yet. But he was still Rand Paul. He has his issues and sticks to them. Not sure how well his argumentativeness goes over with the general populace.

Trump won the Drudge poll for the night and it’s understandable that he did. Direct and simple language works. It’s something Ronald Reagan certainly understood.

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