Cavuto Tests Student’s Theories

I was watching Neil Cavuto yesterday when the interview with this young woman came on.

It’s quite stunning. Watching it, I was relieved my daughters are out of college. This woman’s naivete and stupidity is alarming.

Take a look:

So we have unlimited amounts of money – among the rich – to pay for everyone’s education. Uh, no we don’t, especially with the national debt of about $19 trillion which many say is actually $65 trillion. Even with huge taxes we could not meet this debt nor our other government agency obligations. Clearly she has no idea of numbers. I’m surprised Cavuto didn’t bring this up.

And say we were able to fund everyone’s education. Does that mean we get a say in what everyone studies or what is offered in the classes or a say on who can teach there? You can bet not. It would be even less democratic than it is now. We pay taxes that support state universities, but rarely does the public prevail on their content.

And what of human nature? There would be a revolt against giving all your money for someone else’s benefit, particularly when some citizens put in a 12 hour day to meet their obligations or work two jobs. After a while, who would even want to work? What would be the point? Then all the money would dry up.

She also wants to excuse student loans. How is that fair to the people who struggled through to pay theirs? It isn’t fair. They would in turn be taxed to pay for more schooling, this time for strangers.

It’s quite funny that all the unrest is happening on college campuses. They are the breeding grounds for so much of our troubles today. Those of us who lived in the 60s remember that turmoil. After it came some normalcy as people tired of the anger and strife. That will follow this, too.

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