Haslam Must Close the Door

The governors of Michigan and Alabama have refused to accept the Syrian immigrants into their states.

Governor Haslam needs to do the same in Tennessee immediately.

The danger is too great to the United States to allow these people in our country. According to reports, there is no vetting going on for them. Nor could there be. Syria does not keep records on all their citizens. And wouldn’t Assad want them out of the country, particularly any who are hostile to him? In what universe does this make any sense at all?

From what I read, Catholic Charities is in charge of the refugees in Tennessee. I am a Catholic, but I do not trust this organization. They are too naive to understand what the dangers are. I don’t think any American wants to see innocent, oppressed people from other countries refused help here. Sadly, we’re not in a position to be that kind. We face an existential threat. Since when are other people more valuable than our own citizens or what’s a country for?

You can’t count on President Obama to lead in this. For all we know, he’d like domestic discord. He seems to promote it in universities and police departments in the U.S. I would hope Congress would hop on this problem immediately, but I don’t see Paul Ryan taking up the cause with any exigency. I would hope our Tennessee legislature would call a special session and address this, too. That would be the smart thing to do, but I’m not hopeful.

But Gov. Haslam could also join the protest. It’s surprising that Gov. Jindhal, who is also running for the presidency, hasn’t refused the people sent to him in Louisiana. He should.

Whether Haslam will act is dubious. His job is also to protect Tennesseans. Will he do it?

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