Be Sure to Vote Today

On off election days like today your vote really does count more than in a general election. If you make the effort to go to your polling station, you’ll be doing more than most Memphians who won’t bother. If fewer of the opposition turn out, it’s a big help.

We voted at our polling place today and candidate Dan Springer was out front waving his sign. He stopped to chat with us briefly.

I know all the candidates in this runoff feel like they’ve been electioneering since the spring and it will be a relief to finish today.

In District 5 we have a win/win situation. Both candidates running for that City Council seat are Republicans. The winner will replace our previous Democrat representative and now mayor Jim Strickland.

The Shelby GOP has done an outstanding job of recruiting good candidates and promoting them. It has been evident in the past several years when we have defeated many Democrats in a blue city. It’s the only way we’ll turn Memphis around.

The least you can do is go cast your ballot. At the maximum it will take half an hour including travel time.

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