Climate’s All Wrong

The other day, during that ridiculous world meeting in Paris on climate change, President Obama urged us to save the planet for our children.

Whenever the “children” are invoked, you can feel the dollars flying out of your wallet, can’t you? It’s the most desperate, worst argument the Left has, but they use it frequently and with impunity. They don’t really care about American children. They don’t care about their education or their safety. It’s a means to an end – an emotional appeal meant to make you feel like the worst person walking the planet since Adolf Hitler.

Fortunately, fewer citizens are falling for this fake argument. The more money we give for education, the worse it seems to get. The more gun control laws liberal states pass, the more kids who get killed. Think a weekend in Chicago. If it’s an ordinary one, lots of youths get shot. Make that a holiday and the deaths and woundings get a bump.

No liberals care about the debt they’ll inherit, though, do they?

Funny, too, how when we defend ourselves through war or air strikes it’s suddenly nation building and that’s wrong. We’re not supposed to intervene in the politics of other countries either. Well, what is the boat load of money Obama wants for third world countries to battle climate change except nation building and interference? It’s OK then, just not when we need to defend ourselves.

None of this climate stuff has ever amounted to anything so far, thank goodness. Americans have too much on our plates to take such a silly thing seriously. Still, Obama perseveres. Pathetic, really. He won’t succeed this time and his time is coming to an end anyhow.

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