Must See TV

For the first time, I am actually looking forward to watching President Obama address the nation tonight at 7.

I don’t like to watch him. I don’t like his press conferences, his speeches, his interviews. I’ve never been enamored of his speaking style. It seems arrogant and preachy. When he calls the American people “folks” I want to scream. From him it sounds like peasants. He uses it in a haughty demeaning way.

Anyhow, tonight will be different. Why? He’s so delusional that it should be quite entertaining. Will he finally call it Islamic radicalism? Terrorism? Probably he’ll equate Sandy Hook with San Bernadino, although there is little in common. The Sandy Hook shooter didn’t want to take down the nation. The San Bernadino duo did. He doesn’t seem to want to get that.

There is talk of some announcement concerning guns. Hints are that he will rage against no fly people getting a gun. OK. Why didn’t your Justice Department see that and fix it before now?

We all know he wants to stop gun sales, even confiscate Americans’ guns. I doubt he’ll say that tonight, but if he did, that would be great because Americans would surely rebel. I just don’t see middle America – the majority – going for that.

You can expect his scolding us about racism. He will probably say that Islam is a peaceful religion and wag his finger at us concerning any negative thought about Muslims. He’s done it so many times, it falls on deaf ears. Besides, no one here has yet gone on a killing spree at a mosque.

I can’t see that this speech will help his popularity at all. Maybe with the diehard Obamaists. Hey, Hitler had his fans, too, right to the very end.

He can’t persuade us that what our own eyes have seen at San Bernadino and our ears have heard about the two killers that this isn’t terrorism. No one will buy that.

I’m especially looking forward to following Donald Trump’s tweets as Obama delivers his address. If Trump’s smart, and I think he is, he will take the occasion to make his own points.

Obama’s not just a lame duck anymore; he’s a blind and deaf one. We know it, he doesn’t.

Happy schadenfreude viewing!

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