President Obama’s much heralded speech was a dud.

The best thing to say about it was that it was brief. He usually wheezes much longer than the thirteen minutes he did last night. This time he was standing at the podium, not behind his Oval office desk. Guess that was supposed to make him look tough to the audience. It didn’t. All I noticed was how big his ears are. Maybe they are like Pinocchio’s nose, getting bigger with every lie. Anyway, as much as he glared at us and tried to look tough, his recitation of phrases from his book of triteness landed with a thud.

He delivered what we expected. He finally called the San Bernadino attacks terrorism, but not radical Islamic terrorism. Check.

Once again he insisted on calling the terrorist group ISIL when the rest of the world calls it ISIS. Check. That’s what you do when you live in a world of your own making.

Obama talked about the need for gun control – in his world. Check.

He talked about banning gun sales to people on a no fly list. Check. Why hasn’t he brought this up earlier, before the killings if he was so concerned?

He attacked Congress for dropping the ball on his brilliant proposals. Check. Surprised he didn’t add Bush in there.

Once again his foreign policy failures get cast as brilliant. We still aren’t going to destroy their oil pipelines or touch a hair on the head of a civilian. He pins his hope for success on getting a cease fire in the Syrian war. More of the same failures. Check.

We get the blame for rampant Islamic phobia and racism. Gee, we haven’t heard that before, have we? Check.

On Twitter, serious people called him out on his errors. Then the White House, in a rare occurrence, issued a correction.

The Daily Signal noted Obama delivered the speech, “reading from a teleprompter. It’s rare for the White House to issue a formal correction to a nationally televised speech.

“According to Politico, Obama inadvertently added the word “waiver” in his comments about Tashfeen Malik, who carried out the California attack with her husband Syed Rizwan Farook last week. Malik came to the United States through the K-1 fiancé visa program. The attack killed 14 and left 21 injured Wednesday.

“In his speech, Obama said he ‘ordered the Departments of State and Homeland Security to review the visa waiver program under which the female terrorist in San Bernardino originally came to this country.’”

On Twitter the candidates responded, too.

Donald Trump tweeted: “Is that all there is? We need a new president – Fast!” Then, “Well, Obama refused to say (he just can’t say it) that we are at war with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!” And, “Obama said in his speech that Muslims are our sports heroes. What sport is he talking about and who? Obama profiling?”

Carly Fiorina tweeted: “Vintage Obama. No strategy, no leadership. Politics as usual.”

On his website, Ted Cruz said “nothing President Obama said tonight will assist” in destroying the Islamic State or fixing immigration.

Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News that the speech “may have made things worse.”

If you skipped the speech, this was it in a nutshell. You probably saved yourself 13 minutes of useless aggravation.

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