Trump Event Today

Supporters for Donald Trump will have an organizational meeting today.

It’s billed as a get to know each other informal gathering for volunteers today, Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 11:30. Meet at Perkins Restaurant at 1340 S. Germantown Road in Germantown. Phone number is 79-5938.

The press release says,

If you have to come during your lunch hour from work, we understand you might arrive late and/or have to leave early.

You will have the pleasure to meet Nikki Bufilino, our Shelby County Chairman. She is looking forward to meeting you and discovering where you would like to volunteer!

A big exciting part of this gathering is that Mr. Trump’s State Director for TN, Darren Morris, is going to join us. Believe me this could be one of the few times you will get a chance to talk to him one on one. I encourage you to take this opportunity.

Please join us – get a yard sign or MORE – maybe a t-shirt – bumper stickers-hats. You just never know what Darren might bring!

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